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Staffie sentenced to death for mauling cat

A PENSIONER’S pet dog has been given a death sentence by magistrates after mauling a cat while out for a walk. Distraught pensioner June Reid has vowed to save her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Arran, after she was ordered to have him put down.

Mrs Reid appeared at Paisley district court last month having been charged under Section 3 of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act with having her dog "dangerously out of control". However, after the case, the OAP said she would appeal the decision.

The widow collapsed in the courtroom when Justice of the Peace Edward Divine delivered the devastating news after hearing the evidence. She was fined £75 under the DDA and told that Arran would have to be put down.

The court heard that Mrs Reid, who lives alone and relies on Arran for companionship, was walking her dog on waste ground close to St Fergus's Church near her home on May 4th last year Arran was not on a lead at the time. Arran spotted a cat sitting near to the churchyard and ran off after it. When Mrs Reid caught up with him a warden at the churchyard found Arran had taken the cat between his jaws and it had been killed.

It is believed the cat was a stray as its owner has never been found, yet despite this the police and Crown Prosecution Service decided to bring charges against Arran, following a complaint from the church warden.

Mrs Reid maintains that Arran was only reacting the way any other dog would if it saw a cat. Her great grandson Jake, aged 3, has grown up with Arran and she says the dog has never turned on anyone.

Speaking in her Ferguisle Park Home, the 65 year old said: "Arran has been given a death sentence and I will fight this all the way.

" I won't let them take my dog from me and my battle starts right now. All he did was chase a stray cat when we were out on a walk - the most natural thing in the world for a dog - and now I could lose him."

Mrs Reid is planning to appeal the decision and will be calling on friends in townsfolk to support her bid. She plans to collect names for a petition to stop the six year-old dog being put down.

A tearful Mrs Reid added: "He is such a lovely dog and I can't bear to thin about losing Arran. I love him to bits and he is my pride and joy." He hasn't left my side since I came back from court.
It's as if he knows something is wrong.

"His life hangs in the balance and I won't rest until I know he is safe.'"