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Is Margaret Our Dogs most loyal reader?

Margaret and Ruby - and the 1937 Annual!

Margaret Ames of Bedford bought her first copy of the Our Dogs Annual in 1937 at the age of 12 and has been a regular reader ever since! Having recently celebrated her eightieth birthday, we believe Margaret, who says that "Christmas would not be complete without Our Dogs," may well be one of our most loyal supporters.

Margaret’s love of dogs stems from her childhood; having grown up in a large family where dogs were always part of home life, she believes they have always been a very positive influence, saying "dogs enrich our lives with their loyalty and their companionship brings great comfort to the elderly."

Margaret’s own family has upheld the doggy tradition; her daughter Rosalind - whose bitch Ruby is pictured with Margaret - works as a volunteer for ARAS/German Shepherd Inn, a dog rescue service that re-homes unwanted dogs in the Bedfordshire area and runs training groups to improve behavioural problems.

We at OUR DOGS would like to thank Margaret for her valued support and wish her many more years of enjoyment of the famous Annual!