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Companion Dog Show in aid of the Tsunami Appeal
Sunday 6th February, 2005

This was the first time I had attended a Companion Show where exhibitors were queuing to place their entries before the due time writes Serena Robinson. This sense of anticipation and wanting to be a part of this event was to be what made the day such a success. Many people had travelled long distances to compete and with 413 entries over four rings and four distinguished judges Mr Ronnie Irving, Mr Glyn Griffiths, Mrs Ferelith Somerfield, and Mrs Rosemary Smart, the day was set to become very special indeed, and the total raised was an impressive £2,185.67.

The generosity of people was astounding, from the little boy who was desperate to make sure all his pocket money was placed in the jar provided, to the lady who offered £20 for only £9 entries and refused her change.

There was a huge variation of dogs entered across the classes, everyone enjoyed themselves and each winner received enthusiastic applause.

People and dogs of all ages came to watch or participate. Amongst the youngest competitors was Bella a collie/retriever cross who won "Most Appealing Eyes" her owner Mrs Jackie Partridge said "I was thrilled when Bella won her class as there were so many adorable dogs there. I was really pleased at how she handled the whole day as she is only 9 months old and it was a strange environment for her. I had no idea that I was going to win 2 free tickets for Crufts, I've always wanted to go! I went to the show to help contribute to the disaster fund and ended up with a surprise for myself. The whole day seemed to be a big success with owners and dogs enjoying themselves and hopefully helping in a small way to rebuild the lives of others". At the other end of the age scale was Inky, an 18 year old terrier cross won Best Veteran, Inky, described by her owner Vanessa Blake as a very energetic and friendly character gave no indication of her advanced years but seemed to enjoy all the excitement going on around her.

Organiser Linda Cooper says of the day:

"Although the weather tried to dampen spirits I feel that every one enjoyed themselves. The atmosphere was wonderful and both judges and exhibitors alike really enjoyed the day. Many bought £'s and £'s worth of raffle tickets plus many made donations so the reason for the show was not forgotten. I hope the £2,185.67 raised on the day can go some way if only a small way in to helping those that have suffered so much as a result of the Tsunami. I owe a great deal of thanks to so many people especially the Three Counties Management for letting me have the hall for free. Without that wonderful gesture it wouldn't have been possible and of course to the judges and my helpers on the day".

The results of the show are as follows:- BIS C Pritchard. Cocker Spaniel. Lottie RBIS. S Lemon. German Shepherd Dog. Oscar BPIS. P Collins. Labrador Retriever. Oliver. RBPIS. S Brown. Boxer. Casey. Ring 1. (Pedigrees). Judge Mr Ronnie Irving. Class 1. AV Minor Puppy. 1st. S. Brown. Boxer. Casey, 2nd. J Groves. Doberman. Blaze. 3rd. H & D Escott. SCWT. Ribbon. Class 2. AV Junior. 1st. J Lemon. GSD. Oscar. 2nd. C Whitehead. Cocker. Katie. 3rd. S Thomson. WHWT. Kierden. Class 3. AV. Hound. 1st. N G Bon. Irish Wolfhound. Bridget. 2nd.Mr & Miss Maun. Norwegian Elkhound. Madam. 3rd. C Bell. Dachshund. Robbie. Class 4. AV Utility. 1st. B Turner. Shih Tzu. Mars. 2nd. D Morgan. Dalmatian. Holly. 3rd. K Taylor. Bulldog. Winston. Class 5. AV Pastoral. 1st. Chowynd. Fin. Lapphund. 2nd. M Sale. Bearded Collie. Sonny. 3rd. K Roberts. BSD. Groendael. Ring 2. Judge. Mr Glyn Griffiths (Pedigree) Class 6. AV. Puppy 1st. P Collins. Labrador. Oliver. 2nd. Mrs & Miss Maun. Norwegian Elkhound. 3rd. J Jefford. GSD. Shula. Class 7. AV Gundog. 1st. C Pritchard. Cocker. Lottie 2nd. Mr & Mrs B Williams. English Setter. Hazel. 3rd. S Stephens. Irish Setter. Lupin. Class 8. AV Terrier. 1st. S Thomson. WHWT. Kierden. 2nd. P & L Macdonald. Border Terrier. Kizzy. 3rd. D & D Escott. SCWT. Duffle. Class 9. AV Working. 1st. J Pugh. Newfoundland. Alfie. 2nd. V Jones. Rottweiler. Storm. 3rd. A Baldwin. Boxer. Declan. Class 10. AV Toy. 1st. Mrs Errington. Pomeranian. Misha. 2nd. E Lunn. Griffon Bruxellois. 3rd. D Waugh. Pomeranian. Chloe. Ring 3. Judge. Mrs Ferelith Somerfield. (Novelty) Class 11. Prettiest Bitch. 1st. Mrs & Miss Maun. Norwegian Elkhound. Madam. 2nd. S Stephens. Irish Setter. Daisy. 3rd. A Hullings. Border Collie. Sasha. Class 12. Best Longcoat. 1st. S Hipwell. BMD. Pie. 2nd. H & D Escott. SCWT. Ribbon. 3rd. B Turner. ShihTzu. Mars. Class 13. Best Rescue. 1st. C Murrey. Xbreed. Sally. 2nd. J Muckett. Xbreed. Shadow. 3rd. V Jones. Rottweiler. Storm. Class 14.Best Movement. 1st. Mr & Mrs D Crouch. Whippet. Macy. 2nd.J Jefford. GSD. Lexi 3rd. K Allen. Lakeland Terrier. Zak. Class 15. Best Mismatched Pair. 1st. S Hipwell. BMD 2nd. M Eade. WSS & Jack Russell. Millie & Bee. 3rd. Williams & McCulloch. Mastiff Class 16 Best Trick. 1st. J Appleton. Min. Poodle. Penny. 2nd. C Hanby. PRT. Supa Scruff. 3rd. J Pugh. Newfoundland Jetta. Class 17. AV Veteran(7-9yrs) 1st. A Weatherall. Xbreed. Poppy 2nd. R Bates. Samoyed. Arnie. 3rd. A Morgan. WSS. Saker. Class 18. AV Veteran (10 yrs+) 1st. V Blake. Xbreed. Inky 2nd. H Mitchell. Xbreed. Wizzy 3rd. V Hunter. Xbreed. Pippa. Best AV Veteran in Show was V. Blake Xbreed. Inky who is 18 years old. Class 19. The dog the judge would most like to take home. 1st. J Muckett. Xbreed. Shadow. 2nd. C Murrey. Xbreed. Sally. 3rd. J Partridge Xbreed. Bella Ring 4 Judge Mrs Rosemary Smart. Class.20. Most Appealing Eyes. 1st. J Partridge. Xbreed. Bella 2nd. C Hodder. Min. LH Dachshund. Gucci 3rd. T Smith. WSS Flint. Class 21. Handsomest Dog 1st. K Allen. Lakeland Terrier. Zak. 2nd. A D Mathews. Golden Retriever. Tod. 3rd. S Russell. Akita. Kiko Class 22 Best Short Coat. 1st. V Blake. Xbreed. Sandy. 2nd. P Strachan. Doberman. Benson. 3rd. T Carter. Border Terrier. ? Class. 23. Best 6 Legs. 1st. T Start. PRT. Sally. 2nd. S Aston. Cocker. Abigail 3rd.K McGingley. Pekingese Class 24. Best Scruff. 1st. A Mitchell. Lurcher. Sally 2nd. C Hanby. PRT. Roly 3rd. N Farthing. Cocker. ? Class 25. Dog with the Waggiest Tail. 1st. A Wetherall Xbreed. Poppy 2nd. V Blake. Xbreed. Inky. 3rd. P Steadman. WSS Chive. Class 26. Dog Most Like It’s Owner. 1st. S Aston. Cocker. Abigail 2nd. J Pugh. J Pugh. Newfoundland. Jetta 3rd. G Lazell. Border Terrier. Class 27.Junior Handler (Age 5-11years) 1st. K McGingley. Pekinese. Morgan 2nd. T Stare. PRT. Spider. 3rd. A Errington. Pomeranian. Mindy Class 28.Junior Handling. (12-16 years) 1st. H & D Escott. SCWT. Ribbon 2nd. S Cooper. Xbreed. Dude. 3rd. A Errington. Pomeranian. Mindy Class 29. Fancy Dress. 1st. A Morgan. WSS. Saker. (Dressed as a Red Cross Nurse with Patient) 2nd. V Blake. Xbreed. Inky. 3rd. J Pugh. Newfoundland. Jetta

Reserve BIS and First in AV Junior, J Lemon’s German Shepherd Dog ‘Oscar’.

Fancy dress winner. Anne Morgan and Welsh Springer “Saker”
with judges Mrs F Somerfield and Rosemary Smart

Junior handler winners (l-r) Hannah Escott with “Ribbon”,
judge Rosemary Smart, Martha Reid with “Morgan”.

AV Veteran (10 yrs+) 1st V Blake’s 18 year old crossbreed ‘Inky’

Prettiest Bitch was awarded to Mrs & Miss Maun’s Norwegian Elkhound ‘Madam’

Photo by Serena Robinson
Best Rescue was ‘Sally’, a crossbreed owned by C Murrey.

Handsomest Dog on the day was K Allen’s Lakeland Terrier Zak.

The award for Best Movement went to Mr & Mrs D Crouch’s Whippet ‘Macy’

Best Scruff was ‘Sally’, a Lurcher belonging to A Mitchell