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Dog theft action website now online

DOG THEFT Action, the political lobby group set up to compel the authorities to take the growing tide of dog theft more seriously, celebrated the launch of its website this week in time for people to log on and check out its initiatives before the group’s official launch at Crufts on March 10th.

DTA website co-ordinator Nicola Boardman commented: "The website is designed as a resource where people can find information about dog theft. It offers links to useful organisations and suggests ways that visitors can show their concerns about this matter. They might wish to lobby their MP, start a petition, and find out about the latest press releases. The website will be a starting point offering direction and suggestions. Visitors will be encouraged to share their own research material.

"DTA aims to act as a catalyst encouraging organisations, societies and dog lovers to join together in the struggle to stop this escalating crime.

We invite like-minded organisations to add their link to the website so that they ensure uniformity in this campaign for a better deal for dogs and their owners.

"We invite all dog lovers to visit the DTA website and give us their comments on how it can be enhanced. By sharing their own experiences of this heartbreaking crime, other victims can benefit."

Meanwhile, the list of advisors to DTA continues to grow with the addition of Crufts commentator and OUR DOGS columnist Peter Purves.

DTA Press Officer Margaret Nawrockyi said: "This week we are delighted to welcome TV presenter, commentator and journalist Peter Purves to the panel of expert advisors that share our concerns about the growing number of dog thefts in the UK. Peter has long been connected with the world of dogs and is keen to offer his valuable support to DTA. We are looking forward to working productively with Peter and our other advisors."

Since its formation just a few weeks ago, the DTA has arranged to meet representatives from Pet Plan, Dogs' Trust and the National Dog Wardens’ Association at Crufts, and have also had good contact with a number of MPs who are sharing their constituents’ growing concern over dog theft.

Margaret Nawrockyi adds: "Please do contact us if you would like to talk to us during the four day period of Crufts. We will be outside the main hall, so please spare a few minutes to come over and show your support!!

Visit the DTA’s website on:

Email: or telephone: Jayne Hayes: 01909-733366,
Margaret Nawrockyi: 01652 688089 and Nicola Boardman: 0121-242 0369 (after 18.00hrs only)