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Coaches to Shows

IT IS with huge regret that I have to announce that, as from December 16th 2004, Diamond Holidays has changed its policies and is refusing group tour bookings. We have decided that with the above and my health, we are not carrying on with Johnsyl Travel and have decided to take early retirement.

I, along with my wife Sylvia, would like to thank all those customers and friends that have supported Johnsyl Travel and Coaches to Shows over the past 23 years. A special thanks to Mr Vince Hogan and the Our Dogs team, without whose unfailing support we could not have achieved the standard of tours that we have achieved. Also to Pedigree for its support over the years.

Who would have thought that 23 years ago when we first came up with the idea, we would be in the vanguard of taking first of all exhibitors, then exhibitors and their dogs into Europe and the rest of the world. We would like to think that, along with Our Dogs newspaper, we lead the way.

I think Rio 2004 World Dog show was the best tour (notwithstanding the dog show), and with four coaches and almost 250 people involved, the World Show in Amsterdam was our biggest headache! However, with the ups and even downs over the years, we have thoroughly enjoyed escorting the groups around the world of dogs. Good shows and not so good shows, there is no show like Crufts, we still have the biggest and the best.

Anyone who wishes an explanation of this new policy should write direct to: Mr Chris Roberts, Diamond Holidays, 98-99 Woodfield Street, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 8AS. Tel 01792-791981.
We will miss all the friends we have made over the years and look forward to seeing many of you around the shows, please stop and say hello, in the meantime we wish you all a successful 2005.

Your etc.
John and Sylvia Wright

OUR DOGS is exploring the possibilities of supporting the bookings already made for the 2005 Munster Circuit via an alternative coach company. An announcement will follow in due course