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Darlington move from South Park

THE DARLINGTON Dog Show Society is seeking a new venue for the 2005 show this September, following the shock announcement by Darlington City Council that the show’s regular venue at South Park would not be available this year.

Darlington has been a key area for dog shows since 1860 and the current venue, the South Park, was used for the first time in 1891.During the 1900s the show received Kennel Club Championship Show status, but shows were halted during the war years of 1939 to 1945 and restarted in 1955.

In 1969 Darlington Show Society was again granted Championship Show status. In 1986 The Championship Show became a separate society when the present name of Darlington Dog Show Society was adopted.

South Park, laid in 1851, was originally known as Bellasses Park, the People’s Park, Darlington Park or just ‘the park’.

Three years ago, Darlington Borough Council vowed to return South Park back to its original ‘Victorian splendour’. The improvements are to incorporate modern technology such as CCTV cameras to deter acts of vandalism and create a secure environment.

It is believed that a suitable venue in the area has been found, but that this requires Kennel Club approval before plans to stage the show can be put in place. It is understood that officials from the Kennel Club were accompanying Committee members to assess the suitability of the proposed new venue earlier this week and that the KC’s General Committee will be meeting to make a final decision soon.