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Callagahan the hero

Callagahan (Jamarqui Axesunamoon ShCM) has proved to be a Borzoi in a million for his owner, Alma Oakley, after his urgent barks in the middle of the night saved his brother.

Around midnight on January 12th, Mrs Oakley checked on her dogs and gave them their goodnight chicken wing. All of the dogs seemed settled and happy. That all changed at 1.45am Thursday morning. when she was woken by Callagahan, she says: “He woke me barking, it wasn’t his normal "someone is in my wood" bark or "go away bunnies" it was a sort of urgent bark. I turned the lights on and look out, Cal' and Harry were both in the run walking in circles, so I thought they were playing and went back to bed, a few minutes later Cal was at it again, and I also heard a strange howl from Harry (Jamarqui Xoomoon), I went to the kennel to investigate to find Harry in a terrible state. I rushed him immediately to the vets.”

It turned out that Harry had double 180 degree twist and torn spleen and was very close to death. Mrs Oakley continues: “The vet worked thorough the night on him, phoning me at 6am to say he was recovering in his kennel that was to be his home for 4 days. He had a couple of set backs being sick a couple of times but Monday 17th January Harry came home. During his stay away Callagahan was very quiet, not his usual bouncy self, laying most of the time at the run gate, waiting.

When Harry arrived home I took him over to the kennel to see Cal, Harry was still very sore and just gave Cal a passing acknowledgment, Callagahan was beside himself with joy, his brother was back. Trilby came over to say hello to Harry, Callagahan did something unheard off, he warned Trilby off, he would not let her go to Harry, when I took Harry inside Callagahan called after him.

“I truly believe that if it had not been for Callagahan getting my attention and bullying Harry to walk around the run, Harry would not be here today. Harry is one lucky handsome hound in a million and his brother is more than that!”