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Doggy No-Mates?

Where's the other 99? 10 week old Farley is the first pup to be purchased through Dogs for the Disabled and Pet Protect's joint venture to buy and train up to 100 puppies over the next three years.

Dogs for the Disabled needs £60,000 to pay for the dogs, which will transform the lives of disabled people around England and Wales, and Pet Protect has already kick-started the appeal with a donation of £20,000. To raise the additional £40,000, the insurer has committed to donate £1 every time a pet owner either takes out a new insurance policy or renews their existing cover throughout 2005.

Each dog trained by the charity will learn different tasks such as opening and closing doors, turning on and off light switches, retrieving dropped items such as keys or a purse, fetching slippers, taking shoes and socks off and even fetching the laundry out of the washing machine.
A leading specialist in pet healthcare in the UK, Pet Protect has 21 years' experience of caring for the country's pets, as well as working alongside their owners and vets on animal illness and accident issues.

Peter Gorbing, chief executive of Dogs for the Disabled hopes the fundraising will make a huge difference to the charity. "Every day we see the exceptional relationship formed between our clients and their assistance dogs. I'm sure that many pet owners will recognise that relationship in the way they feel about their dog or cat and will help support our aims through Pet Protect."

To insure your pet or renew your policy with Pet Protect and help Dogs for the Disabled at the same time, just call 0800 650 056.