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Queen’s corgi bites dress designer

The Queen’s corgis have landed the Royal Family in more controversy with the Germans this week. Following Prince Harry’s choice to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party, German designer Karl-Ludwig Rehse has become the latest visitor to find himself the recipient of a less than warm welcome from the royal dogs.

Herr Rehse, who is noted among the Queen’s favourite designers, was bitten by one of the corgis whilst attending Her Majesty at Windsor Castle for a fitting. Anxious to collect a yardstick from one of the state rooms, he ran down the corridor where six or seven corgis were waiting to be fed and was nipped by one of the hungry canines. Looking down at his leg Herr Rehse realised that one bite had torn right through his trousers and drawn blood. Loyal to the Queen, however, he returned to her without complaint, instead apologising for his dishevelled appearance.

Royal servants have long regarded the corgis as a threat due to their history of aggression towards visitors and also the Queen herself. In 1991, the Queen was bitten when she tried to stop a fight between two of the dogs and had to have three stitches in her hand. One corgi, Whiskey, ripped the seat out of a Guards officer’s uniform and another bit Princess Diana. The worst incident however occurred between the royal dogs themselves when the Queen Mother’s corgi, Ranger, killed one of the Queen’s corgis during a fight.