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Stolen Staffie found - nine months on!

A STOLEN dog has been reunited with her owner, nine months after she made an emotional appeal for her pet’s return.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mollie was inside a car when it was stolen on Wrenshill Road, Dudley last year. It was believed that the thieves may have decided to sell Mollie on.

Owner Lesley Deakin handed out 30,000 leaflets asking for help. However, late last week police raided a house in Dudley on another matter and identified Mollie through her microchip. Mollie was reunited with Mrs Deakin just hours later in an emotional reunion.

Mrs Deakin said she was thrilled to have her pet back at last and Mollie was getting used to being back home. "She’d lost a lot of weight and was out of condition," said Mrs Deakin. "I don’t think they fed her very well or exercised her often. There’s no signs that they abused her in any way, so I’m grateful at least for that. I never gave up hope of seeing Mollie again. I can’t describe how I felt when the police told me they’d found her and brought her back to me."