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"Eurodog" success for "Royal Canin"

Despite the heat on the first day and the downpours on the second, the Royal Canin stand at Eurodog 2005 in Austria, the largest dog show in Europe this year outside the UK, was a popular meeting place for international visitors.

In addition to representatives from the top international management of Royal Canin, others found in the VIP area included Mrs. Iwona Borowska from the organizational committee of next years world dog exhibition in Poland, world husky master Manfred Komac, the head of the Konrad Lorenz Research Department, Univ.Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, the Managing Director of Fressnapf, Austria, Neidi Obermeier, and many more.

Foreign journalists were especially appreciative of the press corner. They included Karl Donvil, President of the World Dog Press Association, Vince Hogan of Our Dogs and Dogs Monthly and press representatives from Canada, USA, Russia, Israel, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, England, France, and from all Austrias neighbours. They used the Royal Canin infrastructure to transmit their reports and photographs quickly to their editors.

Many other visitors also sought advice from the competent vets at the Royal Canin stand on questions related to nutrition, and took advantage of the sales campaigns associated with the premium dog food on offer, in combination with free promotional items such as folding directors chairs, sturdy rucksacks and practical feeding dishes.

Royal Canin produces high-quality dog food with a nutritional plan that takes into account a dogs age, activity level, size/weight ratio, breed and psychological type. SIZE NUTRITION represents the leading edge of dog nutritional science.