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Stolen dogs returned!

IT WAS good news all round when the DogLost contacted OUR DOGS this week to announce that the two stolen dogs featured in last week’s issue have now both been returned with the help of the group’s local contacts and helpers in the areas from which they were stolen.

The dogs in question were a Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen named Libby belonging to Vivien Phillips of Debucher kennels, whilst the other was a 9 week-old Hungarian Vizsla puppy that was stolen from Wey Farm boarding kennels in Ottershaw, Surrey owned by breeder and exhibitor Karina Le Mere (Helmlake).

Jayne Hayes of DogLost commented: "Due to local media coverage and of course OUR DOGS coverage the people who stole the Vizsla puppy obviously became so worried that they dumped the puppy back at the kennels! The kennels are CCTV covered, so hopefully with the information uncovered already by DogLost helpers - which include names and addresses - the police should be able to match up the footage of the people against the details provided. If they are interested enough, of course!"

As reported in last week’s issue, Vivien Phillip’s Petit Griffon was the last of six stolen from her kennels recently, five of which had been recovered some days earlier - was picked up last Friday with the help of the police who, according to Hayes, are "being very vague with details."

The puppy has now been named Louis after a poll by helpers, named after the famous Hungarian freedom fighter Louis Kosseth!

Bizarrely, on the same day that the Griffon was returned, a Jack Russell Terrier was stolen from one of Vivien’s clients. Everyone swung into action immediately with posters and Internet coverage about the theft and due to an anonymous helper, the dog was found dumped nearby - probably because the thieves had realised he had been neutered. The dog is recovering well although very shaken by his ordeal and has so far refused to leave the safety of his owner’s home.

Hayes added: "We would like to thank both Wendy Harris, the manager of Wey Farm kennels and Viv Philips for their help in recruiting so many more dog owners nationwide as helpers for DogLost. The more eyes there are, the more success stories we shall have!"
Hayes cintinued: "This brings home the fact that dog theft is so rife at the moment and we need to thank all local helpers for their support and commitment. Unfortunately it will only be a matter of time for another dog to be stolen from this area-so protect your dogs and join us now at DogLost.

"If you have lost your dog, please contact us at DogLost and we will make up a 'Dog Lost' poster which anyone can see on the web site and we can also fax this poster to up to 200 vets, pet shops, dog wardens and animal rescue centres within 30 miles of your Post Code." E Mail: Web site Phone 01909 733366