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Hydrotherapy success for Rottie Rico!

Myerscough College are proud to announce their first success story as a result of the brand new canine health studio recently opened as part of the Animal Academy at the College.

Rico, a Rottweiler, recently underwent an operation for hip dysplasia and was referred to the studio as part of his recovery treatment. Rico’s operation took place on the 14th February, the day the studio opened, and after 10 sessions of the revolutionary hydrotherapy water walker, Rico is now back to full health.

Sarah Eyles-Chaloner, an Instructor in Animal Studies at the College, said:

"Rico has loved coming into the studio with his owner. His owner has told us ‘Rico loves to go swimming with the women’. He is the first dog to finish a course of treatment here and he’s doing really well now. We’ll all miss him coming in!"

The new facilities at the College are all about aiding the recovery of dogs affected by illness or injury. The equipment on offer provides various benefits to all dogs. For a dog recovering from a severe condition or major surgery and learning to walk again, the water walker is a perfect solution.

As the name suggests, this piece of equipment allows the dog to exercise on a treadmill while some or almost all of its weight is supported by water. With equipment provided by Westcoast, the leading manufacturer of animal rehabilitation equipment, the centre offers treatments from £20 per session.

Anybody who is interested in knowing more about the use of hydrotherapy for animal rehabilitation should contact their vet about a referral.

For further information contact; Helen Murphy/Sarah Eyles-Chaloner 01995 642216/642266