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Ladies’ Kennel Association AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Ladies’ Kennel Association was held at the Kennel Club on Tuesday 21st June 2005.

Mrs Jean Collins has retired from the committee after 25 years service and the ballot for committee resulted in all those standing for re-election being returned together with Mrs Carole Smedley filling the vacancy.

Mrs P M Grayson was re-elected President, Miss J M Gill, Mrs P Davis and Mrs A Wynyard were re-elected as Vice-Presidents and Mrs B Roderick as Hon. Treasurer.

At an earlier committee meeting, Mrs F A Somerfield was re-elected Chairman, Mrs A P Bliss Vice-Chairman and Miss M S Churchill Secretary.

The Chairman reported to the members that with the help of several supporters, the Centenary Year had been well received. The Centenary Memoir had been much appreciated and special cash and silver prizes had been awarded at the show. The memorabilia stand had attracted much attention and thanks were due to those who had loaned treasures and helped in various ways with this project.

The members agreed that the subscription should be raised to £6 annually as it had remained static since 1992.

M S Churchill,