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Sainsbury’s bank calls for pet insurance policies to provide greater cover for pet theft

Sainsbury’s Bank estimates that as many as 2,000 dogs could be stolen from their owners every month, and it is urging owners to be on their guard against thieves. It is also calling on pet insurance policies to offer greater cover against this growing problem, and would like policies to provide at least £250 reward for stolen or lost dogs.

Currently only around half of policies, including Sainsbury’s Bank, offer this. The bank will also provide up to £1,000 towards the advertising costs for a lost dog or cat and up to £750 if the pet is lost or stolen and not returned.

David Pickett, pet insurance manager, Sainsbury’s Bank said, “The theft of pets is a growing problem and owners need to be more aware of this risk and take simple steps to safeguard their pets where possible.”

Sainsbury’s Bank offers the following tips on pet safety: ensure that your pet wears a collar and pet identification tag, have your pet micro-chipped. This takes seconds and is virtually painless.

Consult your local vet for details, keep garden boundaries as secure as possible to prevent your dog from escaping and also to deter thieves from entering, always supervise your dog, whether it is in your own garden or in a public area, try to avoid tying your dog up outside a shop or leaving it unattended.

Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance is a member of the Missing Pets Bureau, Premiums start from less than £4 a month for cats and £7 a month for dogs. For further information call 0800 0 56 57 58, log onto or pick up a leaflet in a Sainsbury’s supermarket.