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Calling all Labradors and Springer Spaniels!

Teeside police are on the lookout for new employees, but only those with four legs may apply.
Cleveland Police's dog section urgently needs young springer spaniels or labradors to train for drug and explosives search work. They can be either dogs or bitches, must be aged between 12 to 18-months-old and be boisterous, confident and out-going animals. Successful recruits will live with handlers during training.

Trainer Pc Dave Benson said that they would receive the best treatment, food and medical care available. He said: "Our dogs live at home with their handlers and are part of the family unit.

Anyone who has a young Springer or Labrador that they are finding too much to handle should give us a call. We can give them all the exercise and attention a healthy, active dog requires. The work that we train them to do becomes like a game to them and you can tell our dogs are happy and contented at a glance.