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Purina PetCare ‘open to all’

In response to an announcement from Pedigree which declared that competitors with an exclusive food contract signed to a rival pet food manufacturer will not be permitted to compete at any of its stakes classes, Purina PetCare is seeking to reassure breeders that its competitions are still open to all.

Purina PetCare is embarking on a campaign to clarify to breeders that this new restriction does not apply to its own events, which include the prestigious puppy event Pup Of The Year. The pet food manufacturer is also consulting breeders to ascertain whether there is a need to establish additional open stakes classes in light of the Pedigree announcement.

Jeremy Caplin, marketing director at Purina PetCare, comments: “It’s vitally important that competitions of this kind remain open to everyone. This ensures that the genuinely best dog wins and that quality is not compromised.”

Purina PetCare welcomes breeders’ views on this subject. Please write to the Breeder Team, Purina PetCare, PO Box 297, New Malden KT3 4WL or email them at, putting ‘Breeder’ in the subject box.

For further information please call Angela Cooper on 0207 497 0921.