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KC Judge’s Development Programme - Working Breeds

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd continues to support the Kennel Club Judges’ Development Programme and the fourth in the series of Seminars for the Working breeds will be held on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th September 2005 at Canine Academy, Tollerton.

Once again we are grateful to the breed clubs for their support and for those offering to bring dogs for the four breeds involved i.e. Russian Black Terriers, Portuguese Water Dogs, St Bernards and Siberian Huskies.

Previous Delegates have been sent a booking form and draft programme in the post but those judges who have not received this mail out together with new applicants should apply to the co-ordinator as soon as possible.

Annette Oliver, co-ordinator on behalf of Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd, Whilton Marina, Nr Daventry, NN11 5NH Tel: 07866 473510 email