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Sniffer dogs to be used on Tube

THE London Underground will now have sniffer dogs to detect explosives in the aftermath of the London bomb attacks.

Dozens of dogs are being deployed to help avoid another such incident, a British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said.

"They have already started patrolling the Tube and this will carry on indefinitely," he added.
The sniffer dogs being used, which tend to be labradors and spaniels, undergo an intensive eight weeks of training with their dog handler.

The spokesman said: "They operate just like dogs who search for drugs except they have been trained to sniff out explosives. and are far more effective than any machine, partly due to the training they undergo and partly due to their natural ability which far supersedes what any machine could do."

Fifty six people died in the blasts in Tavistock Square, Edgware Road, Liverpool Street and King's Cross on 7 July.

More than 700 other people were injured in the explosions.