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New vaccine gives breeders peace of mind on a budget

A new vaccine to help dog breeders provide the maximum protection for puppies within their care but in the most cost-effective way, has been launched by animal health specialist Fort Dodge.

Duramune Puppy DP+C offers not only immunity against canine parvovirus but, uniquely, it offers protection against coronavirus and distemper. Given the expense of vaccinating puppies against disease, some breeders have tended to protect litters only against parvovirus, expecting vaccination against other diseases to be covered by the puppies’ new owners under their main vaccination programme.

This approach can leave puppies vulnerable to attack from coronavirus and the dangerous distemper virus and, in a typical breeding environment, where many puppies and dogs are contained in a small area, once infection takes hold, it can quickly spread.

Recognising the cost issues for breeders, Fort Dodge has produced Duramune Puppy DP+C, a vaccine which protects against all three killer diseases but at a reduced cost.

Commenting on this new vaccine, Brian Cotter, veterinary surgeon at the Emerald Practice, Llanelli, said: ‘I use and advise breeders to use Duramune Puppy DP+C as I believe it provides good levels of protection against three deadly diseases at a cost effective price to both the practice and the breeder. It gives both of us peace of mind, knowing that puppies are safely covered during their transition from the breeder to their new home.’