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Singer’s dog stolen then found

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK, the singer with 150 million record sales to his name hit the headlines last week after claiming that his puppy was missing, believed stolen.

Six-month-old German Shepherd bitch Charnie escaped from the singer's home near Leicester last week, triggering a hunt led by the heartbroken singer. Then came reports of dognapping after a neighbouring farmer claimed to have spotted someone trying to catch a dog matching Charnie's description - with a fluffy black coat and distinctive floppy ears which had not yet stood erect.

The local press were promptly recruited to aid in the search. Needless to say, there were plenty of puns relating to Humperdinck’s dog, but perhaps the best was that used by the Leicester Mercury, who appealed ‘Please Re-Leash Me’.

Thankfully the tale had a happy ending two days later, when Humperdinck was reunited with his pet. It emerged that a local family had taken Charnie in, having found her wandering slightly injured when a car hit her.

Thankfully, Charnie is on the mend after a visit to the vet and was reunited with her tearful owner who said: "I am overjoyed that the dog was returned to us."