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‘Fox Terrier in Art’ at the Kennel Club

The KenneL Club Art Gallery is now hosting its latest temporary exhibition The Fox Terrier In Art at Clarges Street, London. A large number of exhibits have been brought together to celebrate the history of this popular breed.

The Fox Terrier in Art is the sixth exhibition to be held in the Kennel Club Art Gallery and the work of artists displayed includes that of Arthur Wardle, John Emms and Cecil Aldin.

The exhibition contains over 40 exhibits, which allow us an invaluable insight into the world of Fox Terriers, their history, development and future. However the star exhibit must be an oil painting by Arthur Wardle of the Totteridge XI, signed and dated 1897. This painting is a classic example of dog portraiture and was executed under the watchful eye of the dogs’ owner, Francis Redmond.

The gallery is open to the public by appointment. To arrange your visit please contact the gallery by telephoning 020 7518 1009, or e-mail

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