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Famous ex-racer finds new home

Cathy Mantripp - Manager of the Kent & Sussex RGT
- saying goodbye to Tuppence (left) and Ronan at the RGT's kennels

One of the UK’s most famous racing greyhounds – the extraordinary El Ronan, or ‘Ronan’ as he is now called – is enjoying the early days of his retirement in his new home in Cross-In-Hand, East Sussex, having been adopted by the Smales family.

Five-year old Ronan, along with his best friend, a bitch called Tuppence who was also adopted by the Smales, are among many retired greyhounds national charity, The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT), has worked to find new homes for.

"We adopted Ronan from the Kent & Sussex branch of the RGT," explains proud new owner, Brian Smales, "and while we were originally only going to adopt one greyhound, when we saw the special bond that he and Tuppence shared, we just had to adopt them both together."

In his racing years, Ronan took part in 97 races, running first in 52, and second in another 19. The exceptional racer boasts an extraordinary winning average of 54 per cent.

Brian and his wife Carol have owned pet greyhounds for the past 17 years, and adore them for their calm temperament and loving and loyal nature. "How could anyone dislike greyhounds?"
says Brian, "They’re just so friendly, and easy to take care of. Ronan and Tuppence are more than happy with one decent walk a day, or two short walks.

"Our greyhounds have settled in beautifully. They are such great friends, and lovely companions for us. They’re quite happy just to be wherever we are, and love nothing better than to curl up at our feet."
"Greyhounds are the perfect dogs for us. We’re retired, and while Ronan and Tuppence keep us active, they never become overexcited or too demanding."

Cathy Mantripp, manager of the Kent & Sussex branch of the RGT says, "It was lovely to watch Ronan and Tuppence go off to their new home. More and more people around the UK are becoming aware of what great pets greyhounds make – and people like the Smales taking the time to meet our dogs and considering adopting them as pets is what we like to see!"

The RGT’s success in finding a home for Ronan and Tuppence is another step towards it meeting its national target to rehome 3,000 greyhounds in 2005.

Those wishing to find out more should contact the Retired Greyhound Trust nationally on 0870 444 0673 or log on to