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Lassie comes home... again

AND WITH one leap, she was back! A new Lassie film has started shooting in Ireland last week.
The remake of Eric Knight's 1938 novel Lassie Come Home is set in Yorkshire, but filmmakers have said tax reasons meant it is being filmed around Dublin.

Parts of the film, starring legendary actor Peter O'Toole and Samantha Morton, are also going to be shot in Wicklow and the Isle of Man.

Director Charles Sturridge wrote the script, setting it on the eve of World War II in a Yorkshire mining town, where the Carraclough family fall on hard times and are forced to sell their plucky collie, Lassie, to the Duke of Rudling, played by O'Toole.

Ireland was chosen as the prime shooting destination with the filmmakers availing of the tax incentive, Section 481, for filming on locations around the country.

Lassie is determined to return home despite being taken 500-miles away.

The feel-good movie sees Lassie confronting danger and seeking help from strangers as she makes her way home in time for Christmas.

The film on the world's most famous dog will be produced by Ireland's Element Films, producers of Omagh and The Magdalene Sisters, Firstsight Films and Classic Media.

The dog became a firm favourite with audiences from the first film, Lassie Come Home, in 1943 starring Elizabeth Taylor and Roddy McDowall.

Around 10 feature films followed on the adventures of the plucky collie as well as 675 half-hour television episodes.

The two-time Emmy Award winning TV series was one of the longest running programmes in television history.