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PDSA dream job Veterinary Nurse to feature in national magazine

PDSA veterinary nurse Lucy Hudson, 22, from Kingstanding, Birmingham, who works in her ‘dream job’ role at the PDSA PetAid Hospital in Quinton, will feature in an article for Company Magazine this month.

Lucy who landed her perfect job just five months ago is thrilled to be in Company, she says: ‘Not only have I got the job I always wanted but to talk about veterinary nursing in a national magazine is fantastic, as it’s a really popular career and people always want to know more about it.’

Lucy, who has always wanted to be a veterinary nurse and work for an animal charity, also stars in the magazine photoshoot to accompany the feature which took place at the Quinton PetAid hospital. She says: ‘I really enjoyed it even though it took longer than I thought. Everyone at the PetAid hospital were fantastic and really got in to it. I’m looking forward to seeing the feature, all my friends, family, PDSA colleagues and clients are really excited as well.’

Since starting at PDSA, Lucy has made quite an impact and has fitted in well with the veterinary team at the Quinton PetAid hospital. As Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Ian Fleming says: ‘It’s a busy environment to work in but Lucy thrives on it. She is a very caring, committed veterinary nurse.

You can tell this is her dream job as she is so enthusiastic about her work and loves looking after all the pet patients.’

Company Magazine features assistant Tracy Ramsden added: ‘Lucy is just the sort of person we like to feature in Company. I wish her well with the PDSA.’