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Vets get back to their roots

The use of traditional herbs in veterinary medicine is set for resurgence with Healthy Beast’s forthcoming Introduction to Veterinary Herbal Medicine course to be held in Middle Barton, Oxfordshire. The course will run from 7th-10th July 2005 and is exclusively for veterinary surgeons.

It is believed to be the only one of its kind in Europe, and marks a return to the ancient knowledge of the healing powers of our indigenous plants which once played a vital role in veterinary medicine. The course will allow vets to start to integrate the use of herbal medicines into their conventional practices, which means that the family dog may soon be running on herb power.

In the UK last year 5 million people consulted a complementary practitioner, spending a total of £1.6 billion. As people are becoming accustomed to a wider range of options in their own healthcare they are starting to demand similar choices for their pets. Healthy Beast are providing training open to the UK’s 20,000 registered vets which will allow them to be part of this development in animal healthcare.

Healthy Beast is running the course as part of its ongoing involvement in the spread of integrated veterinary healthcare, pioneering healthcare for animals which draws on the best of modern science and ancient wisdom. As well as providing continued professional development training for veterinary surgeons, Healthy Beast also cares for animals directly. Facilities include an equine rehabilitation centre, where equine athletes are returned to optimum health and fitness, and a small animal veterinary practice from which resident vet Jimmy Symmonds MRCVS practices veterinary herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and veterinary acupuncture.

Healthy Beast is also looking ahead to the imminent introduction of its new product ranges which will include ranges of plant based products aimed at both veterinary surgeons and animal owners.