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Raymond Tynas (Guadaloupe Chihuahua)

I was so very sorry to receive a call from my good friend Pauline Tynas to tell me her husband, Raymond, had died June 7th 2005.

In the ‘60s Raymond was well known for his Guadeloupe Chihuahua which he bred & exhibited. Raymond also judged Chihuahuas and was a committee member of the Scottish Northern Chihuahua Club (now the NCCC).

Raymond worked extremely hard in founding the Long Coat Chihuahua Club. As its first Treasurer he had 75 founder members paying £2 each and persuaded them to become life members @£5 each. This money gave the LCC a financial good start.

In the ‘60s we were all such a friendly bunch of doggy people. Doreen Taylor, another of my good friends, died recently. Her funeral took place this week. Doreen took over as Treasurer when Raymond resigned due to pressure of work. Doreen also took over as secretary of LCCC when I resigned to be president of the SNCCC (NCCC). In her last correspondence to me Doreen reminisced of the good old days mentioning Raymond & Pauline ending with “What Times we had!”- we certainly did.

Our sympathy goes to Pauline and her 3 sons.

Olga Frei Denver,
President & Patron NCCC