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The Bella Moss Foundation visits Lancashire Dog Show

The Japanese Shiba Inu Dog Club of Great Britain Companion dog show and fun day.
In the photo are standing, Jill Moss and Mark Dosher, Belinda Roskell and Chartlotte Craig, kneeling is Karen Jones with Missie the Shiba

Jill Moss, President, and Mark Dosher, Secretary and Trustee were guests representing The Bella Moss Foundation at the Japanese Shiba Inu Dog Club of Great Britain Companion dog show and fun day show in Lancashire on June 5th.

The invitation had been offered by the Show Manager, Charlotte Craig, who organised the show and who is also closely involved in the Samoyed Association rescue programme.

On a beautiful Lancashire day, Jill and Mark were able to enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by devoted owners and dogs in a day more about fun and socialising than the importance of winning, and the idyllic surroundings only added to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Jill and Mark were able to meet many of the owners there showing their dogs, and Mark was able to explain the aims and objectives of the Foundation whilst Jill had the opportunity to talk about the how Bella’s memory and spirit became the inspiration for the charity.

"This was a fantastic opportunity to take our message out to pet owners," said Jill. "Most of the people there had never heard of the risks of post-operative infections, and the positive response was incredibly rewarding."

After the show Jill and Mark were able to spend time with Charlotte talking about the work the Samoyed Association undertakes in rescuing dogs.

"What happened to Bella is a tragedy that everyone in the Samoyed Association would understand," said Charlotte, "and The Bella Moss Foundation is undertaking some incredibly important work that we all support."

A proportion of the funds raised by the dog show will be donated to the Foundation.

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