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Vizsla puppy stolen from kennels

A PEDIGREE puppy was stolen from boarding kennels in broad daylight last weekend, but despite good CCTV footage together with a car registration number, the owners allege the police have so far failed to take any action and were initially reluctant to issue a crime number.

On Sunday a family – a man, a woman and two young children - pulled up at a Wey Farm boarding kennels in Ottershaw, Surrey owned by breeder and exhibitor Karina Le Mere (Helmlake) without an appointment and walked into the private farmyard area at the rear of the kennels then wandered back to the front of the kennels where they were challenged by a member of staff and they said they had come to buy a Great Dane puppy. When the member of staff went to fetch the owner and when they returned, the family had driven off.

However around 40 minutes later it was discovered that a 9 week-old male Hungarian Vizsla puppy had been stolen from a run. The kennel owners studied CCTV footage, which showed the family caught on film and also another visitor who had called at the time to pick up his dog that had boarded there. Later, after staff asked the visitor about the incident, who said he had seen the family take the puppy and walk off with it, but he had taken the registration number of their vehicle.

The owners contacted Surrey police who allegedly initially didn’t display a great deal of interest and only issued a crime number after the owners complained to the Chief Constable. However, even after this, the owners are still angry that the police have failed to act on the information they have provided, including the CCTV footage and the car registration number, claiming that adherence to procedures and lack of resources are preventing them from doing so.

Wendy told OUR DOGS: "The police response – or lack of it – beggars belief. I was told by one officer that he doesn’t tell me how to run my kennels, so I shouldn’t tell him how to do his job. If it weren’t for DogLost getting the information out there on the Internet, contacting the media and printing up posters for us, then nothing would be done at all! I told the policeman that this was a living creature we’re dealing with, not a bloody lawnmower, but it didn’t make any difference."

Meanwhile, the puppy’s details have been circulated to the media by DogLost UK, who are hopeful that it may soon be returned if the publicity makes the puppy ‘too hot to handle’ for the thieves.

*If anyone has information relating to the theft of the puppy and can help in its safe return, please contact the kennel managers Noah and Wendy Harris on: 01932 873239

Or call Surrey Police on: 0845 1252222, quoting Crime Ref case P250 8297 E Web site Phone 01909 733366