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WAG launches transport petition

A LEADING anti-puppy farm group has launched a petition to compel local authorities in Scotland to enforce existing legislation that would prevent to importation of puppy-farm bred dogs from Ireland into the UK.

The Waterside Action Group (WAG) has accused local authorities of ignoring the law, claiming that they have no powers to prevent the dealers from importing the dogs into the UK – often in very poor condition.

The standing legislation is the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 (WATO). Under the terms of WATO a transporter "includes anyone transporting animals by providing a third party with a means of transport". The act also states that ‘any person commercially transporting domestic animals over a distance of 50km must either be a licensed animal livestock transporter or has been assessed by DEFRA/SEERAD as to their suitability to transport said animals."

WAG state that it has become abundantly clear that the terms of WATO have been repeatedly ignored at the ports of entry from Ireland. The standpoint of the police is that the local authority enforces this legislation. To date no one has been prosecuted for this offence and yet the dealers openly boast that they are bringing hundreds of puppies a week in from Ireland.

Ken McKie on behalf of WAG said, "It is a disgrace that this effective piece of legislation is being ignored by the local authorities in Scotland. We have been passed from pillar to post with the usual response ‘it is nothing to do with us’, so who is it to do with then? We know that our supporters tire of petitions but it is the most effective way of letting the local government of our depth of feelings, remember we the public pay for the privilege of the law not being enforced!"

WAG aims to petition the local authorities to use the law they have to hand and act to stop the cruel puppy farm trade from prospering and welcome the support of dog lovers across the UK to back them in their calls.

For more information about the petition
please contact Ken McKie on 07950 146602 or 01555 860089