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Appeal launched for long term needs of Tsunami animals

TENS OF thousands of animals including hundreds of dogs in tsunami-struck Asia are set to benefit from long-term projects being set up by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) that will help rebuild infrastructures in devastated areas to deal with the future needs of animals.

The incredible generosity of animal lovers worldwide has already raised around £260,000. However, approximately £130,000 is still urgently needed to secure this work over the next two years.

WSPA is undertaking a long-term approach aimed at supporting the work of its member societies and local organisations in the region. WSPA's work will be a combination of sustained practical aid and educational programmes aimed at bringing new skills and knowledge to future generations of vets.

In the Phuket region of Thailand, a mobile vet clinic and dog ambulance provided by WSPA will enable people to go to the aid of animals in need of treatment, and an emergency response team established by WSPA will attend to future emergency animal welfare problems as they arise. Over 20,000 animals will receive veterinary care through these various initiatives over the next two years.

In Sri Lanka, having already supported efforts in tsunami-hit areas to vaccinate over 10,000 dogs against rabies, WSPA aims to have two mobile vet clinics operational and working along the tsunami-affected coastline in the country's southern and eastern provinces by April. The clinics will treat, vaccinate and sterilise animals in areas where little other animal care exists. WSPA is also providing several vehicles to help officials from the Ministry of Health undertake rabies vaccination programmes. Thousands of red collars given by WSPA will be used to identify dogs that have been vaccinated.

This work follows emergency animal aid provided by WSPA earlier this year in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami.