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More coverage for Crufts

Further to the Kennel Club’s announcement regarding the increase of Crufts coverage on BBC2, the Kennel Club is now able to give a brief insight to Crufts viewers on what they can expect to see on the programmes.

An hour long preview programme will be broadcast on Sunday 6 March and will cover what will be happening at Crufts, as a precursor to the show. The BBC2 Crufts coverage on Thursday 10 March and Friday 11 March has also been increased from half hour programmes to one hour each, ensuring more coverage on the popular aspects of Crufts such as greater breed representation, Agility, Flyball, Obedience and coverage in general of the world of dogs.

With the added facility of interactive (red button technology), results and other elements of the programme, such as Hero Dogs, will be available to viewers to support the programmes and increase coverage even further.

The Crufts BBC2 programme will be broadcast on the following dates and times: Sunday 6th March 7pm-8pm (new Crufts pre-view programme); Thursday 10th March 8pm-9pm; Friday 11th March 7.30pm-8.30pm; Saturday 12th March 8pm-9pm; Sunday 13th March 7pm-9pm.