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Dog Theft Action at Crufts

Caroline Spelman MP, newest DTA Advisor

DOG THEFT Action, the new lobby group created to highlight the seriousness of the growing tide of dog theft will be making its public debut and official launch at Crufts this week.

Jayne Hayes and Nicola Boardman of Doglost UK, together with Margaret Nawrockyi, set up DTA in January 2005 specifically to raise awareness to the escalating statistics of dog theft in the UK.

The three DTA co-ordinators can all speak from bitter experience about the impact that this aspect of law and order can have on families and individuals.

DTA’s three objectives are:

To encourage the police to change their current procedure so that stolen dogs are logged as such, not stolen property.

To encourage effective co-operation and co-ordination between the agencies that come into contact with the victims of dog theft.

To encourage thorough identification of all found dogs and the sharing of information about these dogs with other agencies on

DTA wants to act as a catalyst encouraging the police, local authority dog wardens, vets, rescue centres and the dog loving public to join together in the struggle to stop this escalating crime.
The panel currently consists of Nick Mays – Chief Reporter, Our Dogs newspaper, Robert Killick – columnist, Our Dogs newspaper, Trevor Cooper - lawyer specialising in dog related issues, Brian Milligan - dog warden Tunbridge and Malling Borough Council, Ian Cawsey – MP for Brigg and Goole, Chairman of House of Commons Pets Advisory Committee, Peter Purves – TV presenter, commentator and journalist and Caroline Spelman – MP for Meriden.

Caroline Spelman praised Dog Theft Action for their initiatives, saying: "As part of the Dog Theft Action Group I believe there should be a national database for lost and stolen dogs. I recognise that dogs are great companions to many people and that when they disappear it can be very distressing. A database would mean a fast and more accurate means for finding your dog".

Jayne Haynes added: "We hope that everyone who visits Crufts will spare a few minutes to come to the entrance of the main hall and support our campaign. If you prefer we will come to your stand. Remember: dog thieves do not discriminate. They steal from everyone and anyone, regardless of status, purpose or circumstances. We must unite and turn our grief and anger into positive action to achieve the outcomes we all desperately need."