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Leading US geneticist at forthcoming seminar

Have you ever wondered why your pups turned out to be as they are? What influenced them, why do they look like that, can you see mum or dad in them, or perhaps it could be one of the granddads or grandmas?

The subject of genetics and how deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA for short) can determine your biological construction has really only begun to be properly understood in the last fifty years. In fact it was only in 2003 that scientists working on the Human Genome Project were able to confirm that the order of the genetic sequence had finally been determined.

How is this able to help you to find the ideal partner for the next mating of your lovely bitch? Well, one aspect of genetic research can assist with identification of certain diseases and in some breeds this is the all important criteria which needs to be taken into account with any mating.

With this and other criteria in mind, Dr Neil O'sullivan, a Geneticist from the United States, will be presenting a Genetics Seminar on April 17th at the Sports Connexion, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry. Neil will focus on a broad range of topics including an introduction to genetics for the dog breeder, guidelines for breeding the whole balanced dog, how to maintain a healthy canine population and how to make good breeding decisions.

Neil is currently the Director of Research and Development at Hy-Line where he oversees the Company's largest quantitative and molecular genetics program. Neil's hope for the future is that he will help in the effort to develop DNA based markers to address the PLE/PLN diseases in Wheaten Terriers.

As an integral part of the seminar programme, Jim Andrews will demonstrate a computer database which has been specifically designed to address the problem of management of data for a breeding programme.

The combination of genetic knowledge and the ability to be able to permanently record, display and analyse the ancestry of your own dog and its potential mate, provides a powerful tool to assist with the welfare of your chosen breed.

For further details of the Seminar and to purchase tickets, please contact Malcolm Jeffries on 01246- 554742 or mail on