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Pit Bull Terrier saves woman’s life

ADVOCATES OF breed Specific Legislation poised to ban Pit Bulls and pit bull ‘type’ dogs in the province of Ontario would do well to take note of a story of a heroic Pit Bull who saved a neighbour’s life.

On a day when temperatures plunged to -40 C, Noella Mitchell lay helpless on the handicap ramp leading up to her home. She looked up to find herself staring into the eyes of a pit bull and thinking she was about to die. The 42-year-old woman, who has Graves' disease, which causes muscular weakness, was unable to get up and feared that things had got worse.

Her cries for help had gone unheard, except by Cloe, her son's friend's pit bull, which somehow got out of the house.

"When I saw her I thought I was dead," said Noella. But to her surprise, Cloe began licking her face and trying to bring attention to her fall. "She sat there beside me, howling and barking."

At one point the desperate dog tried to pull Noella inside. Finally, her son's friend came home and helped Noella indoors to safety, after which she made a full recovery.

Ontario has become the first province to ban pit bulls, although the legislation is now subject to a constitutional challenge. Noella Mitchell said she used to lock up the dog each day but vowed "I will never lock her up again." Current pit bull owners will be able to keep their dogs as long as they are neutered, and muzzled and leashed outside under the new laws.