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John M. Burrows

It was such a shock to hear that our dear friend, John Burrows had died so suddenly on Saturday afternoon. He had intended to be at Crufts on Terrier day but had not felt well enough and had made arrangements to be there on Sunday, Sadly this was not to be.

He began in the 1960’s showing Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds and soon built up a large variety kennel of quality dogs. In 1968 he purchased his first Skye Terrier from the late Lady Marcia Miles’ Merrymount Kennel and from then his main show interest was with Skyes. He made up four champions in the breed, Champion Wismar Silver Sword, W. Cream Delight, W. Sweet Willliam and Williamina of Wismar.

Having owned a large variety kennel, John had such an interest in many breeds over the groups and was one of our best known judges at Open Shows judging all the Groups and of course, Best in Show.

Due to failing health he disbanded his kennel and his house dogs over the years since then were of course, Skyes, Smooth Fox Terriers, Dandie Dinmonts and a CC winning Manchester. Latterly he shared his sofa with a Skye and a rescued Cesky Terrier.

He first awarded CCs to Skyes in 1987 and since to Australian Terriers, Bedlingtons, Dandie Dinmonts, Wire Fox Terriers, Lakelands, Manchesters, Norfolk and Norwich, Skyes, Soft Coated Wheatens and the Terrier Group. He was the first Skye Terrier breeder/judge to be passed to judge the Terrier Group. In the Working Group he awarded CCs in Bullmastiffs and had judged Portuguese Water Dogs at Crufts.

John was such a character – with an outrageous sense of humour. One of the highlights of any first time meeting was the expression on the faces of those who did not know him. Nobody was safe!.

He will be greatly missed around the shows by everyone who knew him, especially by all his many Skye Terrier friends and our thoughts and sympathy must go to his partner of almost 40 years, Brian Sandall, and his family.

John's life was dogs, dog showing and judging, and our lives will be much emptier with his passing. His funeral will take place at Wisbech St Mary Parish Church on Thursday, 24th March at 1.45 pm and thereafter to Peterborough Crematorium, arriving 3 pm. Flowers from family and close friends only, any other donations should go to the PDSA.

Margaret MacDonald-Cross

Ina Cadiz

It is with great sadness that the Chow Chow Club of Scotland formally records the death of their President Ina Cadiz. Ina had her first Chow, a rescue, in 1962 which then led to her first Chow in 1965 and there was no holding Ina back.

To best describe Ina would be to take the words of her minister at the funeral she was a big woman. But this did not mean size. Ina had a big heart for her family, her dogs and her club.You never needed to ask if Ina was in the hall you knew she was there! She was never afraid to speak her mind and if you did not like so be it. Ina would always call a spade a shovel!

Ina was a generous person and if you needed it you would be given her last penny. She never stopped donating to her clubs and you never needed to ask her for a donation. Ina was never more proud than when the Chow Chow Club of Scotland first gained their Challenge Certificates and by God was she proud.

In the later years Ina became an institution when she would be at the door at every Club show and always had a word of welcome. As with everything Ina tackled her illness in her own way and would not be diverted from it. She refused to lie down and insisted on going to as many shows as possible.

Ina was never a ‘superstar’ of the canine world but instead one of the many regulars by whom the show world survives. A regular exhibitor who would discuss dogs and gave her opinions freely to those who wished to listen. People like Ina are the grass roots of the canine world and it is only by these people that the show world still exists, why judges forward their career and why dog shows survive. Ina’s love of life and all in it were as big as heart and her passing will create a huge hole in the Chow world, one that will be hard to fill.

Ken McKie