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CDB update

Crufts 2005

During a very busy four days at Crufts, the CDB was delighted to welcome to its stand many new members, and it was also a great pleasure to meet such a large number of existing members who visited to renew their membership. We are very grateful to all of them for their support. It was also interesting to meet a considerable number of visitors from overseas, especially the United States, with whom the CDB team was able to exchange a great deal of interesting information.

Hopefully some useful advice was offered, based on our own experience with the docking issue in the UK.

Many congratulations to all those CDB members who achieved success in the ring, and especially to Elisabeth Matell, co-owner of BIS Norfolk Terrier Ch/Am Ch Cracknor Cause Celebre.

Crufts Raffle

We would particularly like to thank those breed club representatives who worked so hard to sell CDB raffle tickets around their show rings. Particular thanks go to the Smooth Fox Terrier Club, GSP Club, Hungarian Viszla Club and Miniature Schnauzer Club.

Also a big thank you to the Welsh Terrier Club who held a raffle and will donate the proceeds, the International Poodle Club who sent a donation and the exhibitors of Boxers, Clumber Spaniels and Old English Sheepdogs who bought tickets. They have all helped towards the costs of having a CDB stand at Crufts.

Animal Welfare Bill

Throughout Crufts, one of the main topics of conversation on the CDB stand was the Government’s proposed Animal Welfare Bill. In November last year, the Government announced in the Queen’s Speech that they would be introducing the Bill, and as a result the CDB prepared once more to mount a concerted campaign in defence of docking. However, the Animal Welfare Bill has not yet been introduced into Parliament, and it is now unlikely that a Bill would have sufficient time to clear all the necessary stages in both the Commons and the Lords before the forthcoming General Election.

Thus the focus of attention moves to the election itself. During the election campaign, we shall be encouraging members to raise the docking issue with candidates at every opportunity and to make clear that they will not support those who would restrict their freedom of choice. The CDB will be providing advice to members when the election is officially called, but meanwhile as the political temperature rises, we urge every supporter of docking to make their views known to those wanting their votes.

BBC Radio Devon

In the week after Crufts, BBD Radio Devon’s lunchtime phone-in featured tail docking. CDB spokesman Graham Downing and the Kennel Club’s Phil Buckley both participated in lively discussions during the course of the week. Thanks to the CDB member from Devon who alerted us, and if you should hear any similar discussion on your local radio station, then please call the helpline 07000 781262 immediately.