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KC Seminars

Kennel Club Judges Seminars for Working Breeds organised by Birmingham National Ltd on the 5th and 6th April 2005. 1st day Leonbergers and Giant Schnauzers. 2nd day Bull Mastiffs and Mastiffs

Delegates for the forthcoming seminar should have received confirmation of their places but should any judge feel that they fulfill the KC criteria to attend and have not been invited we would be grateful if they contact the co-ordinator Annette Oliver immediately who will advise whether they can be accommodated. The criteria is: a]To judge 3 breeds in the Working Group.

b]To judge another Group and perhaps 1/2 working breeds. c]To judge BIS at a Championshp show. All enquiries should be directed to: Annette Oliver, co-ordinator, tel: 07866473510 email: