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Hearing clinic goes mobile

The Hearing Assessment Clinic, normally based in Winchester, Hampshire, is offering the opportunity for vet’s clients to have their dogs hearing tested at a mobile clinic near Okehampton on Thursday May 12, 2005.

The Clinic was established in 1993 by ENT veterinary surgeon Celia Cox and is one of the leading veterinary hearing test centres in the UK. It uses the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) technique to assess hearing loss in all breeds of dogs and cats from four weeks of age onwards.

A sound is presented to the dog via a pair of headphones which generates an electrical signal which can be recorded using fine electrodes and measured using a very sophisticated computer.

The signal obtained is a series of waves which correspond to different parts of the auditory pathway.

A BAER test can confirm if an animal has a hearing loss, which ear is affected and the location and the severity of the disorder. From this information, medical or surgical treatment may be used to restore hearing, or an appropriate management plan employed.

Please note that this is a one-off visit to the South West. To book: Tel: 01962 713155, Fax: 01962 711866, email