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KC Registrations remain buoyant

The Kennel Club Breed Records Supplement shows that in the first quarter of this year there has been a continuation of the upward trend in registrations experienced last year.

This year there has been a 4.56% increase over the registration figures for the first quarter of 2004 and, with the overall registration rise of 4.7% for the whole of last year.

Looking at the figures group by group all except pastoral and toys have shown an increase. Hounds are up by 8.1%, gundog +4.4%, terrier +9.6%, utility +7.9% and working +7.2%. Decreases in pastoral and toys are -4.2% and -2.7% respectively.

There will always be seasonal trends and variations to take into account by some the swings are notably. Hounds have seen an increase of 35% in Bassets a 37.5% increase in Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a 58% increase in Irish Wolfhounds compared to the same quarter last year.

Gundogs have seen seen bold movement in the figures in Hungarian Vizslas +110%, Irish Setters +36%, Italian Spinoni +133%, Flat Coated Retrievers +40% and Cocker Spaniels +17%.

In Terriers the major swings show in Borders +25%, Wire Fox Terriers +28% and in Staffordshire Bull Terriers +29%. The Utility group increases lie mainly in Bulldogs +19%, Miniature Schnauzers +21% and Miniature Poodles +73%.

The Working group‚s main players are Dogue de Bordeaux +24%, Great Danes +13%, Leonbergers +46%, Newfoundlands +25% and Rottweilers +32%.

Of the two groups showing some decline the Pastoral reflects decreases in Border Collies -18%, Shetland Sheepdogs -13% and Pembroke Welsh Corgis -38% whilst in Toys the major reductions are in Bichon Frise -27%, Chinese Crested -17% and Pekingese -12%.

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