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Homes needed for ‘lucky’ Dobes

Zeus, recovering well after losing his foreleg in a car accident

Dobermanns Zeus and Hera had a lucky escape after being involved in a car accident on the island of Guernsey, but sadly their luck ran out afterward when it transpired that their owners allegedly did not want them back because of the cost of treatment.

Bitch Hera, who is a black & rust, suffered a dislocated hip which has had to be pinned, while Zeus, a brown and rust male, lost his front leg after it failed to heal.

Litter brother and sister, they play fight together but then curl up together and both have fantastic temperaments. Preferably they should be rehomed together, but failing that ideally Zeus could be rehomed first as he would be the one that shouldn't be left on his own.

If you can help please call Jacquie Neilson on 01709 533523/07946618011 or email