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Scottish Animal Health & Welfare Bill

The above Bill is now at the draft stage within the Scottish Parliament and a ban on docking is a primary issue.

In order that all registered clubs and owners of docked breeds are kept informed, the Executive Council of The Scottish Kennel Club is holding an informal evening meeting on Monday 30th May 2005 at The Scottish Kennel Club’s Offices in Musselburgh at 7.30pm.

Letters of invitation have already been sent to all registered clubs for docked breeds. However, The Council is aware that not all docked breeds have a registered club in Scotland.

There are a limited number of places which will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The Executive Council appreciates that notice of this meeting is rather short, but it is to be hoped that efforts can be made to attend as the Bill is being progressed rather swiftly through to enactment.

Please contact Myra Orr, Secretary Tel: 0130 653 6034 Email: