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Dogs can detect cancer

Following discussions between GP’s and vets regarding the possible role dogs can play in healthcare, a Northern Irish conference will soon be presented with research that implies dogs can help detect bladder cancer.

Though in the past there have been accounts of dogs recognising cancer in their owners, these reports have been purely anecdotal. Now, however, scientists at Amersham Hospital in Buckinghamshire say they have proved this canine phenomenon scientifically. Previous research has shown that cancers produce distinctive odours and a recent series of controlled experiments, based on the odour of urine samples, has now shown that dogs, using their exceptional sense
Jeni McAughey of the Royal College of General Practitioners agrees that dogs could help to make an important contribution. “I think it is an interesting study and is one where we will need further research done to see how this will fit into other methods of detecting cancer,” she commented, adding, “ is tremendously exciting that dogs are actually picking things up that tests miss, because unfortunately all our tests are not infallible.”