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Greyhound Awareness Week

THE LEADING UK Greyhound charity Greyhound Action is gearing up for Greyhound Awareness Week, which gives an opportunity for all those concerned about the plight of Greyhounds to educate the public about the mass slaughter of dogs which it believes to be a by-product of the greyhound racing industry.

GA believes that with a large enough boycott by ordinary people, the industry can be brought to its knees and the suffering and untimely death of thousands of greyhounds prevented.

Tony Peters, Co-ordinator of GA said: "GA is not a rich charity, it is simply a collection of individuals who care about greyhounds and have come together in order to work to end their suffering and exploitation. In the relatively short time GA has existed we have been extraordinarily successful, winning several campaigns against new tracks, forming local groups, persuading firms not to take outings to dogtracks, researching the industry and producing free leaflets, posters and stickers and challenging the image that greyhound racing is a caring industry that is just a bit of fun."