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Pick a breed, any breed... As Long As It’s A Lurcher!

A Hampshire RSPCA animal home is giving the public the choice of any breed of dog they like - just as long as it’s a lurcher!

The RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre, near Ringwood in Hampshire, has recently been inundated with lurcher-type dogs – a number of which are now looking for new homes.

Ashley Heath manager, Sheila Rowe says the majority of the dogs at the centre, which are currently looking for new homes, are lurchers. Sheila said, "We are in a rather unusual situation at the moment in so far as the majority of our dogs looking for new homes at the moment are lurcher types. So if you are a lurcher lover or want to learn more about what the breed has to offer, with a view to rehoming a dog, you will be spoilt for choice."

Seven lurchers currently looking for homes at Ashley Heath include friends Honey and Barney who were brought in as unhealthy strays. Now fully recovered but still a little nervous, they would like to go to a loving home together where they will gets lots of attention and have human company for most of the day.

Sheila said, "Despite their reputation for speed, lurchers do not need the constant exercise that many people imagine and they can make ideal pets for the right homes as long as they get a couple of good walks a day."

As well as numerous lurchers, the RSPCA animal centre also has other types of dogs as well as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds - all looking for new homes.

All animal adopters are subject to a home visit. For more information about other animals looking for homes visit the RSPCA Ashley Heath website at or call the centre on 0870 0101849.