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Two more Greyhounds found mutilated

TWO MORE ex-racing Greyhounds have been found abandoned with their ears crudely amputated, probably done by their former owners to prevent the dogs being traced back to them.

Last week OUR DOGS reported on the memorial service held for an ex-racing Greyhound named Rusty who was found on a Welsh hillside, suffering from terrible injuries, dehydration and exposure. Andrew Gough had tried to kill the dog and had cut Rusty’s ears off to prevent identification. Rusty’s injuries were too severe for him to be treated and he was put to sleep to end his suffering. At Caerphilly Magistrates Court on December 22 last year, Gough was sentenced to six months imprisonment for torturing Rusty and banned from keeping animals for life.

It emerged during Gough's trial that Rusty's owner and trainer had handed him over to Gough to kill, after a toe injury had ended the greyhound's racing career. The Greyhound rescue charity, Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE), which rescues and re-homes greyhounds which are unwanted, was made aware of the plight of the two mutilated Greyhounds, both from Ireland, and immediately stepped forward to help.

Jan Lake, Trustee for the Charity told OUR DOGS: "We were first contacted by a small rescue in Kerry, Southern Ireland, as they had picked up a greyhound called Heather in a very poor condition. Heather had been given a heavy dose of anaesthetic, which presumably had been meant to kill her. Her owner had then cut off her ears and left her to die. She had obviously come round from the effects of the anaesthetic and was found wandering, bleeding heavily, trying to make her way ‘home’ to her owner. It is very difficult for the small shelters to find homes for greyhounds in Ireland, so we were only too pleased to be able to help them by taking Heather."

Greyhounds who are bred for racing are tattooed in their ears, and are registered in their owners’ details. Cutting off a dog’s ears was obviously meant to avoid the dog being traced back to the owner who had dumped Heather and left her to die. Greyhounds are bred in their thousands for racing, and many are abandoned every year when they are unwanted by their owners, if they are not fast enough for the track.

GRWE rescues and finds homes for as many dogs as it can help, and places them into loving family homes. In 2004 the charity, which is run by volunteers, and receives no money from the racing industry, found homes for 500 dogs.

Last week GRWE were contacted by another small rescue in Ireland, who had had a greyhound dumped on their doorstep, again with her ears amputated. Georgie the greyhound was in a terrible state, her ears had been hacked off, and she was obviously in considerable pain.


Jan says, "We were very shocked by the cruelty shown to these defenceless dogs. I am aware of incidents of this nature happening in this country too, although sadly in previous incidents the dogs have bled to death, and the first we have been aware of it is when the body is found. For us to have one greyhound with its ears amputated is very distressing, but to have had two dogs suffering this fate in such a short space of time is truly shocking. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and trauma which these dogs must have gone through. Sadly, we regularly see evidence of greyhounds that have suffered neglect, but to see these beautiful dogs who have suffered such deliberate cruelty is heartbreaking. "

"Georgie is recovering from her ordeal well, although she is a very nervous dog, and is particularly wary of men. She will stay with us until she is well enough to continue her rehabilitation in a home environment. Heather has been rehomed her with a family, where she happily lives with 2 cats and is recovering well"

GRWE has between 60-70 greyhounds in its care at any one time, and would like to hear from anyone who is interested in offering any of the dogs a home. All homes are checked prior to placement, and all dogs are neutered, inoculated, and micro-chipped prior to homing. Please contact the GRWE help-line on 07000 785092 for more information, or visit the website on