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Overseas Judges In the UK

The Kennel Club would like to remind show organisers of the regulations regarding judges from overseas officiating in the UK, as laid out in the Kennel Club Guide for Judges and Ring Stewards.

Judges from overseas officiating in this country must judge in all respects in the same general manner as is expected from "home" judges. Overseas judges judging at Kennel Club licensed events should note that they must judge to the KC Breed Standards and not those of the FCI or AKC. The Judge’s duties in this country cannot be delegated and they should be aware that double-handling, commentaries and grading are not permitted.

The suitability of overseas judges to give Kennel Club awards will be assessed in the same way as for British nationals. Overseas judges who do not judge a particular breed at Championship Show level in their own country, or are not endorsed by the relevant Kennel Club of their country, will not normally be approved to judge that breed with Challenge Certificates in the UK.

To assist judges from overseas, inviting societies are required to supply them with: 1) A copy of the relevant Kennel Club Breed Standard. 2) The Guide for Judges and Ring Stewards. 3) The Code of Best Practice for Judges.