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Pet Care Trust welcomes Animal Welfare Bill

The Pet Care Trust, the national charity promoting responsible pet ownership, recently welcomed the inclusion of the Animal Welfare Bill in the Queen’s Speech.

The Trust strongly supports the new legislation, which would introduce a duty of care. “The duty of care can only enhance animal welfare, with the emphasis now on prevention rather than after-the-fact prosecution,” said Janet Nunn, Chief Executive of the Trust.

However, the Trust did raise concerns over the government’s plans for licensing enforcement. In its last report on the Animal Welfare Bill (a response to the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee), the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) stuck to its plans calling for an obligatory veterinary presence, rather than basing inspections on a sensible risk assessment.

“As we’ve said ever since DEFRA first published the draft Animal Welfare Bill, obligatory veterinary inspections triggered by the public sector are completely unnecessary,” said Janet Nunn, Chief Executive of the Pet Care Trust.

“Routine local authority inspections are inconsistent in quality and value. Our inspection regimes must be modernised and brought into the 21st century.”