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What’s in a name?

TRADITIONAL PET names, such as Rover, Spot and Lucky, have been put down in favour of proper family names according to research from pet insurer Virgin Money.

A study of the names given by Virgin Money Pet Insurance policy holders shows that Molly, Charlie and Max are now the most popular pet names. Although Lucky just sneaks into the Top 100 at joint 78th, both Rover and Spot fail to get into the entire list.

With dogs and cats being part of the family it's not surprising that they're given popular boys and girls names. The top 10 list shows that they are all in the top 100 baby names in England and Wales for 2004. The top pet name, Molly, is the 20th most popular girls name, Charlie is the 16th most popular boys name and Max is 36th on the list. 1. Molly; 2 Charlie 3 Max 4 Millie 5 Oscar 6 Poppy 7 Harvey 8 Alfie 9 Harry 10 Jack, Lucy and Sam.

John Franklin, spokesperson for Virgin Money Pet insurance, said,

"Not long ago you'd hear the cries of Rover, Patch and Spot in the local park on a regular basis. Now you wouldn't know whether they're calling their children or their pets. These days cats and dogs seem to be family members through and through and are being named accordingly.

* With thanks to UK Pets