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Dog killed by firework yobs

AN 11-YEAR OLD Yorkshire Terrier was horrifically killed by a gang of violent yobs who strapped a firework onto the terrified animal. It is believed the alleged culprits also filmed the act on mobile phones.

Maureen and Keith Barrington, both 67 of Linthwaite, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire have been left devastated by the death of their dog Emmie last Friday and traumatised by the evil manner in which their innocent pet was destroyed.

Eyewitness Kara McManus managed to take the number plate of car believed to be that of the alleged killers. The sick killers even drove slowly past the scene of their crime the next day and waved and laughed at Mrs McManus, although in doing so, the yobs stupidly gave her the perfect opportunity to take their car registration number.

Speaking about the tragedy Mr Barrington said: "My wife is just getting over cancer and I’ve had a triple heart bypass — but Emmie was something to live for."

His heartbroken wife added: "She was lovely and beautiful, and so tiny. I hope she was run over and dead before they got to her and did not die that way because I can’t bear the thought of her going through that.

"But whether she was alive or dead, it was an absolutely disgusting thing to do. It is terrible to dismember her body like that."

Mr Barrington believes Emmie was startled by a firework and ran into the road where she was attacked.

"When I found her, my heart sank". Mr Barrington explained.

"She had been blown to bits and covered in blood but I knew straight away it was her, because of her red collar. We think she ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Then these lads stopped as she lay in the road and blew her up and were taking photographs of her."

Police arrested a 19-year-old youth in the early hours of Tuesday morning and charged him with causing criminal damage to a dog.

Anti-firework campaigner Theresa Kulkarni, who is petitioning the Government for a total ban on all private firework sales commented: "As long as fireworks are on sale to the general public, these kinds of incident are going to continue and many more innocent pets will be killed. It’s time the Government took notice of what’s actually going on and took decisive action. They’re quite happy to talk about a total smoking ban, but when it’s something that people are crying out for, like a ban on fireworks, they shy away from it."

"As long as fireworks are on sale to the general public, these kinds of incidents are going to continue and many more innocent pets will be killed."

Anti-fireworks campaigner
Theresa Kulkarni